A society registered under the Andhra Pradesh (Society Registration Act. 2001.)
Registration Number 1036 of 2004,vide Certificate of Registration Dated 01/07/2004
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To establish, aid and maintain educational and other institutions, to impart education at all levels for the promotion of accounting, auditing, commerce and other allied subjects that are relevant to Chartered Accountancy Profession, either in India or else where, and other areas of education.

To devise ways and means and accord facilities, for conduct of research in the areas of accountancy, finance, taxation, audit and other areas where chartered accountants profession operates.

To educate the general public, corporate, government & other statutory authorities and other organisations or enterprises about various services that are provided by the chartered accountants

To provide quality inputs to chartered accountants in general and members of the association in particular so as to ensure that world class quality service is provided to the clients by chartered accountants

To assist the members of the association to update their knowledge by conduct of seminars, workshops or lecture meetings or any by any other means and help in specialisation in the areas of interest related to accounting, auditing, taxation, finance, management, communication skills and other similar areas.

To carry on activities for charitable purpose and activities of general public utility.

To co-operate with other organisations or enterprises or government departments during natural calamities, cyclones and in rendering immediate and timely service and help.

To be away and detached from politics of any kind of description in any manner whatsoever.

To take up any activities which are ancillary or incidental to the above and attain the said aims and objectives.

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