A society registered under the Andhra Pradesh (Society Registration Act. 2001.)
Registration Number 1036 of 2004,vide Certificate of Registration Dated 01/07/2004
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Benefits to Founder Members, Associate Members, Patrons, Honorary Members and Student Members

1. Can avail one email account yourname@caprofession.net with 200 MB space (may vary at the discretion of Rediff India) which can be forwarded to any of your existing email account or can be accessed through outlook / outlook express. In case you need further space, you may directly buy additional space from the service provider www.rediffmailpro.com The network is using the email solutions from Rediff India and whatever services they provide and the terms of service specified by them will be binding on us and you.

2. Can access to different types of checklists on different topics, prepared by and for the society, will be made available to the members.

3. Can attend the Training that may be conducted by the society. The training will be conducted so as to ensure that the members acquire new knowledge or update existing knowledge or can become specialists. The fee for training will be charged separately.

4. Can participate in the lecture meetings, seminars, conferences etc as may be conducted by the society.

5. Can request for technical opinion on specific matters at free of cost from the technical panel that may be constituted by the society.

6. Can avail discounts and other benefits on various products & services, that the society may negotiate.

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