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Improve the Quality of Your Communication


If you carefully notice many times your time is taken away by defective and faulty communication. 


One of the NLP presuppositions is: "The purpose of communication is the response you get."  It means that if at all there is any purpose for communication, it is to get the outcome you want.  If the outcome is not accomplished, you need not have communicated at all in the first place.


This brings the onus of improving communication on the person who communicates and not on the person who receives.  As you work through the day, find out the number of occasions when you did not get the outcome you wanted.  Instead of blaming or complaining that the other person did not understand your communication, ask the question what you could have done to make the communication clearer.  As you end today, go through the following checklist:


Did you find the quality of your communication adequate?


Did others mention that "you did not communicate clearly?"  This may mean that as far as they are concerned you were not clear.


Did you have a feeling of inadequacy of the level of your understanding any communication?


How could you improve your communication quality?


You can add to the above checklist. In a nutshell: You should believe that you are responsible for effective communication.  If the communication is defective your time will be spent in rectifying things which should have been done right in the first place. There are lots of books on improving the quality of communication.  Ability to communicate effectively is a very critical skill for achieving success in life.

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