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Checklist at the End of the Day


Before you leave your office today, ask the following questions:


 1.Considering others' expectations from me, did I do justice for the day?


 2.Is my performance in congruence with the company's expectations?


 3.Did I meet my bosses' expectations today?


 4.In my own views, does what I am paid for matches the content and quality of the results that I produced?


 5.When I look back in the day, when did I start doing my most important activity?  Could I have started it earlier?


 6.Have I done better than what I did yesterday in terms of results?


 7.What are the least important things I did? Should I have done it?


 8.Which telephone calls, visitors or meetings I could have reduced or eliminated?


 9.Who or what interrupted me frequently?  Why?  How can I control it?


10.What percentage of the interruptions was relevant?  What were irrelevant?


11.What was the period of the day, which was most productive?  What period of the day was least productive?


12.How can I consolidate or eliminate my routine work?


13.Did I interrupt somebody and why? Whenever I was interrupted, did I come out of the interruptions? If so, how?


14.On the whole, what can I learn from the day as a whole?

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